Learn and Earn: Carbon Credits Training

Join the growing number of farmers earning extra income from Carbon Credits.

We’ve made it easy enough that anyone can do it.   

  • Real-world practices that are eligible for carbon credits
  • Materials for all levels of expertise
  • 4 modules that take just 1-2 hours each
Farmland and Forest - an opportunity for Carbon Credits

Cathbad's Learn & Earn Course teaches the following essentials to get you started:

Module 1: Introduction to Carbon Credits and Offsets

  1. The Demand for Carbon Credits
  2. How Farmers, Land Owners, and Businesses can Earn Income by meeting theCarbon Credit
  3. How Carbon Farmers Sell Carbon Credits in the VoluntaryCarbon Credit
  4. Standards in the Carbon Voluntary Markets

Module 2: Types of Carbon Offset Projects

  1. High-quality projects earn money
  2. Gallery of carbon farming projects: No till
  3. Gallery of carbon farming projects: Cover crops
  4. Gallery of carbon farming projects: Combining projects
  5. How carbon projects are measured

Module 3: Carbon Capture Strategy

  1. Carbon Credit Market Primary Stakeholders
  2. Stakeholder Roles
  3. Stakeholder Responsibilities Overview: Verification
  4. Carbon Standards Organizations
  5. Short-term Contract Options for Forest Owners
  6. Prepayment Contract Options for Farmers and Ranchers

Module 4: Develop a Carbon Project

  1. Planning your Carbon Project
  2. Carbon Market Tracker
This course serves as a practical guide to the carbon credit marketplace including the steps needed to begin a carbon project.

You will learn through case studies, interactive materials, current business and farming articles, and a downloadable carbon project template.

You will gain a deeper understanding in the following areas.